Mold Removal

 mold removal

Megaclean, Inc. is the first choice for mold removal in the Dallas - Ft Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. We specialize in residential mold removal services and have proudly served North Texas since 1984. Cleaning mold? . . . we are here to help!

Mold Remediation

mold remediation


We are one of the oldest and most trusted mold remediation contractors in North Texas and work exclusively with home owners, home builders and real estate investors. When in doubt, trust the company with the most experience and dedication to remove mold.


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The Megaclean Difference

Our clients value our integrity and understand our commitment to providing a fair price combined with unmatched service. A job done the right way is paramount to the well-being of the home occupants and we approach every project with the pledge to perform the best job possible.

Megaclean can provide confidential remediation services for home builders and real estate investors.

Megaclean's remediation projects have included but are not limited to dangerous indoor pollutants such as arsenic, bacteria, lead, mercury and many chemical compounds. Because of our vast knowledge of biological contaminants, Megaclean Incorporated is considered one of the leading companies for mold and fungi cleanup.

We are also dedicated to educating the public about the broad subject of pollutants and their effect on indoor air quality (IAQ). We believe information is paramount to understanding and solving any problem at hand. Please refer to our vast selection of articles above for important information about mold and it's potential affect on the indoor environment and home occupants.


Get the "Sick House Solutions" eBook


This exclusive book is a  first in the world of indoor air pollution publications and is written in a  simple to understand format. It is loaded with factual, scientific and useful information regarding all aspects of indoor environmental quality to include much about mold and what must be done to remove it from the home.

This downloadable eBook includes 4 FREE BONUSES and reveals some closely guarded secrets that have transformed thousands of households into "pollution free homes!" ... and continues to be used by an average of 12 new households per day.


"Sick House Solutions is a concise do-it-yourself book of information for solving indoor air pollution concerns".

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